We will begin your coaching process with our Introductory Coaching Program.

The 90 Day Introductory Coaching Program begins with an assessment of where you are now and clarifying where you want to go.  It includes:

Introductory questionnaire to not only help us know you better,but, to help you  know yourself and your business better.

Twelve weekly 30 minute telephone consultations

Unlimited email questions

Subscription to our newsletter

  • We use this 90 day period to gather information, help you develop your plan, and then help you establish your step-by-step action plans to achieve your goals.
  • After the 90 day introductory program, we work together to establish the next course of action. Some business owners need more support and help, while others need a period of time to implement their action plans, and then come back for the next stage of development.
  • Every business is different and each successive program is customized to fit your needs.